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Professional Dispatch Services

One Call To Haul!

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What We Offer

  • Dispatch Services
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Communications With Brokers/customers
  • Safety Advising
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Free Legal Aid

Dispatch Services

  • Locate Freight and Book

  • Loads that Best Match your
    Company Profile

  • Negotiate for the Best Possible Rates on your

  • Perform Credit Checks with your Factoring

  • Sign and Secure Rate Confirmations

  • Customer Service

  • Set up all Appointments as

  • Provide Daily Check-In Calls
  • as Required

  • Email/Text Pick Up and
    Delivery Information and
    Other Pertinent Data

  • Request Fuel

  • Advances When Needed

  • Provide Free Load

  • Board Postings

Back Office Services

  • Set Up/Carrier Packets

  • Complete the Shipper/Broker
    Agreements on Carriers Behalf

  • Check Customers Credit with
    the Factoring Company for

  • Create Invoice for each

  • Assist in Setting Up
  • Factoring Company, if Required

  • Manage Paperwork

  • Assist with Customer and
    Factoring Company Issues,
    on your Behalf


  • Since we have many trucks doing business with us, we have more BARGAINING POWER with the brokers; they give us better rates and loads in exchange for continued business.
  • NO MORE getting taken advantage of by brokers.
  • We have owned and operated as an asset-based trucking company with over 100 trucks and built CREDIBILITY in the process.
  • Having factoring credit check lets us know how long the broker takes to pay; HIGHER SECURITY.
  • IN HOUSE Legal Counsel.
  • AVERAGE 22% INCREASE IN REVENUE with our services.
  • You can book your OWN load with no service fees or penalties.
  • There is no term or any type of contract; leave anytime with NO FEES.

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